Of course it is also possible to submit special orders.

In addition to sliding doors you can order an interior door, that can be a hanging door (no lower rail on the floor), as well as a normal sliding doors between rooms.
Hanging doors are generally used as room dividers.

Oma raskuse ja ülariputussüsteemi tõttu nõuavad rippuksed tugevat kandeseina ja ei ole soovitatav neid kinnitada ei kipsseina ega kipslae külge.

Due to its weight the hanging door tracks demand strong walls and it is not recommended to fix them on a drywall or gypsum ceiling.

It is also possible to order a sliding door, which has no door frame and is only a 28 mm wooden plate.

As for the variety of colors you can choose from black, white, oak Luxor, Stone Oak, Wenge and White Ash.

Of course, you can distribute the selected materials as you desire.

It is possible to place glass and mirror in the door or glass and melamine – whatever you prefer.

As the door content you can also choose opal glass and Matt glass, and all the other glasses can come in Matt aswell.