Installation Guide for sliding doors



The upper and lower track mounting

Upper track:

Attach the upper rail to the ceiling with screws. Distance depends of the articles deposited behind the doors. In case it’s a cabinet, attach the upper rail in one line with the front edge of the side walls.

Lower track:

Install the lower rail 20 mm inward of the front edge of the upper rail. (In case of aluminum frame, without top and bottom frames, mount the lower rail 27 mm inward of the front edge of the upper rail.)

Lower rail is attached to the floor with double-sided tape. The floor surface underneath the rail should be cleaned thoroughly of dust, grease and other dirt. Contact surface must be absolutely clean and dry, the temperature should be at least +10 ° c.

NB! Lower rail STOPPER should be slide-d into the groove, before fixing the lower track onto the floor. After adjusting the doors, move the stopper to the desired location so the doors bottom wheel can stay towards the open end of the stopper.

Attach the lower rail on the floor with double-sided tape. Keep your fingers from touching the surface of the sticky tape. Press the track with even pressure on to the floor. Scotch tape ties IMMEDIATELY to the floor, after a few hours the tape reaches its final firmness.

Mounting the doors

The true assembly sequence of mounting the doors is the following: first the rear and then the front door. Lift the door in place by placing the upper wheels into the upper rail. Move the door downward, making sure that the wheels go into the bottom track of the wheel lane.

Adjusting the doors

The lower wheels adjusting screws are located vertically above the wheels. Doors should be adjusted so they are a peak/upright and close against the wall.

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