Sliding doors with melamine frame are for people who want to add cosiness and natural look to the room.

Melamine frame has a genuine wood look and tone and for manufacturing it, we use 28 mm thick and 92 mm wide, melamine vertical profile.

One Melamine sliding door can be up to a maximum width of 120 cm and a maximum height of up to 275 cm.

Top and bottom slider mechanisms can be hidden inside the profile, which makes the door observable from both sides and can be used as a door between rooms.

Top and bottom slider mechanisms are also equipped with sealed ball bearings and the top wheel also has spring mechanism that prevents it from popping out of the track.

Sliding doors with melamine frame have special lower wheels that can withstand the heavy doors and allow the manufacturing of doors up to a width of 120 cm and a height of up to 275 cm.

For the frame tones we have the following options:

White, Black, Wenge, White Ash, Oak Stone and Oak Luxor.

More info about the sliding door profiles and content materials is available HERE!

For the content it is possible to choose from the following materials:

Melamines: White, Black, Titanium, Wenge, White Ash, Oak Sabile, Stone Oak, Oak Luxor.

Glasses: White Glass, Black Glass, Gray Glass, Brown Glass and Red Glass.

Mirrors: clear mirror, bronze mirror and a gray mirror.

Käepidemetena on valikus süvistatud metallist käepidemed (hõbe, pronks, valge, must).

You can also order recessed metal handles (silver, bronze, white, black).

Melamiinraamiga Liuguste käepidemed

Melamiinraamiga Liuguste käepidemed

When ordering your new Sliding doors with melamine frame, the set includes:

  • The top and bottom guide track
  • Position fixator
  • the slider mechanism
  • Assembly instructions

Images are for illustrative purposes only and to provide a general overview of the possible solutions – You can choose a suitable distribution.