Mirror Door frames aka profiles are made of high quality aluminum, which gives them strength and allows manufacturing of large sliding doors.

It is a narrow, but solid aluminum profile, which emphasizes the content of the door.

Mirror sliding doors aluminum profile width is a mere 17 mm and the thickness is 32 mm.
Sliding door content can be lucid mirror, bronze mirror or gray mirror .

For the frame tone you can select the following: silver, white, bronze, cherry, beech and light walnut.

More info about the sliding door profiles and content materials is available HERE!

Single mirror door can be up to a maximum width of 120 cm and a maximum height of up to 275 cm sliding door.

When ordering your new mirror door , the kit includes:

  • The top and bottom guide track
  • Position fixator
  • the slider mechanism
  • Assembly instructions

Mirror doors are rear-protected with a safety film that holds the mirror pieces together on breakage and reduces the risk of injury.

Images are for illustrative purposes only and to provide a general overview of the possible solutions.