Wardrobe modules are made ​​of high quality furniture plates and are covered with a light shade of an oak melamine.
Wardrobe shelves dimensions are:

Big shelves – Width 60cm x Height 200cm x Depth 35cm
Small shelves – Width 60cm x Height 100cm x Depth 35cm

Select the appropriate option.

Side walls for wardrobes:

Cabinet sidewall/side walls are required if the content of the wardrobe or sliding doors are not located in a niche/opening.
Plate thickness is 1,8cm, and it’s high-quality melamine. The side walls are covered with ABS 1,2mm hem.
The plate has good surface density, which give it good resistance to impact and abrasion.


Shelves for home or office:

In addition to the sliding doors it’s also possible to order new high quality shelves.

The shelves are made of light oak melamine, which thanks to its good density are resistant to shocks and abrasion and are easy to clean.
The heights of the shelves are easily changeable according to need.
There is also a 3.2mm thick rear white wall attached to the shelves, which gives it structure some extra strength.
Installation is very simple and it also comes with an easy to read installation instructions.
(The shelves are packed as compactly as possible, so it is easy to transport)

When buying a shelve from us, you get a set which includes:

  • The shelf components (shell plates, side walls, wallbases).
  • The shelf behind the wall.
  • Fasteners.
  • Installation Guide.

Special price 65.- EUR

The large shelf has seven shelves which heights are adjustable according to need.


Special price 35.- EUR

The small shelf has four shelves and the middle ones heights are adjustable according to need.